About me


Hi my name is Ashley Nagy,

I am an environment artist and have been working in vfx for over a decade, and worked on over 20 films. In this time I have worked in the model, texture, and dmp departments of studios worldwide.

My career started in commercials after completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Graduating from the College of Fine Arts in Sydney Australia.

Prior to vfx I freelanced as a sculptor and fabricator in traditional medium.
I have held lead positions, provided support and management to teams of artists of varying skill sets and experience. My passion is environments, where I can combine workflows and collaborate with other departments.

Skill set summary

  • Model, organic, hard surface, uv layout, topology, terrain
  • Texture, hard surface texture and lookdev, digi doubles, procedural
  • Dmp, clean plate, set extensions, cg paint overs and 2.5D projection  setups in Nuke and Maya.



Furious 8 - Power Rangers - Fantastic Beasts - Captain America, Civil War - Final Fantasy, Kingsglaive - The Huntsman - Gods of Egypt  -  Pan  -  Furious 7  -  Blackhat  -  Xmen, Days of future past  -  Unbroken  -  Wolf Creek 2  -  iFrankenstein  -  Mad Max, fury road  -  Rush  -  Total Recall  -  John Carter  -  Iron man 2  -  Tomorrow when the war began


Software Knowledge

Maya - Nuke - Photoshop - Zbrush - Mari  - Houdini - UV Layout - Speedtree - Terragen - World Machine -  Photoscan - Vray - Shotgun - OS Linux / Windows / Mac



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